Crowns and Bridges Fullerton

Crowns and Bridges Fullerton

Crowns are created from material closely comparable to porcelain. They are synthetic caps that are placed on top of the tooth and provide a functional and cosmetic restoration.  Dental crowns are provided to Fullerton patients by Dr. Chiang and his team.

Most patients have dental crowns following restorative procedures such as root canal or dental implants. They are also used following the removal of a large amount of tooth enamel. They can also be applied to secure bridges, protect dental implants, and prevent cracked teeth from further deterioration.

Before crowns are placed, a process of tooth enamel reduction may be implemented.  This will allow a cast to be created and used to guide the fabrication of the crowns.  The permanent crowns will be cemented into place once they are ready.

A high quality crown can be placed and last for up to eight years with the proper care. To maintain good longevity, it is important to floss around the area to prevent any buildup of plaque or debris.

Excessive jaw clenching or bruxism (teeth grinding) can reduce the life of a crown. In addition, eating brittle foods or hard candy can compromise the quality of the crown. You can receive additional information on crown care by contacting our office and scheduling an appointment.