Dental Bonding Fullerton

dental bonding fullerton

During a dental bonding procedure, an enamel-like material is used and shaped to be applied to the surface of your teeth.  This restoration Is adjusted to the preferred shaped and polished to have an appearance similar to your natural teeth.  Dr. Chiang’s office is located in Fullerton and serves local patients with his dental bonding specialties.

The bonding process helps fill gaps or enhance the color of teeth. Patients can experience results lasting up to several years with only a single visit to the office.

In contrast to veneers, bonding material can be susceptible to experiencing stains or chipping.  Teeth affected by chipping or minor decay can be restored with bonding material composed of composite resins. They can also help treat small cavities, broken, or chipped tooth surfaces.

In addition, dental bonding can be used to close tooth gaps and provide protection to the entire tooth surface.  If the procedures do not produce the desired results, crowns provide an attractive alternative. They last for an extensive timeframe and are popular restorations.